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On the south coast of the pacific sea, where since 5 thousand years ago great civilitations has take place, the beautiful Perú comes to live.
Its vibrant capital, Lima, witness the day by day of 10 million people on their amazing experiencing of LIFE.
Inside it, Miraflores, the artistical and classy district is where you will find us.



First of all, we are travelers. And after have been on the road for long and lived in many different countries, we have come together to found "FOOD WALKING TOUR PERÚ" the Tour Operator Company that combines the professionalism of a skilled group of native peruvians, the self experience acquired on our long trips, the passion for the great flavours of our everyday more famous cuisine and the most representative Mom´s and Pops spots of what traditional and modern Perú offers to the world.


Our guideline is to bring you not a tour but an exiting and close perspective of the backstage Peruvian daily life. This is why we dont have just clients, but new friends, and you will be treaten as one!.


Being part of this beautiful country means to have the commitment to a sustainable economical growth on a social and eco-friendly base. That's why our tours support on a direct way, by providing work, the small business on our neighborhoods and give preference to those supporting the local organic farmers.


Miraflores, Lima - Perú.

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+49 17657929075
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